Hidden Corridor Puzzle by Constantin
Hidden Corridor Puzzle by Constantin
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Hidden Corridor Puzzle by Constantin

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Constantin's Hidden Corridors Puzzle

Theres got to be a way out!

Move the horizontal and vertical sliders to open the hidden corridor, allowing you to release your ball from the puzzle. Can you find the exit, or will the corridor remain hidden forever?

  • Ages: 14 and up
  • 1 player

Jean Claude Constantin is one of the most prolific puzzle inventors of our generation. His creative and diverse creations are acclaimed for beautiful designs and challenging solutions. For our launch of Constantin puzzles for a worldwide audience, we have produced a selection of some of his best puzzles in fine metal and hardwood.

Craftsmanship, creativity, and a cool design. This is what Constantin Classic puzzles are all about. From the moment you take it out of its hardwood packaging, you’ll experience something timeless.

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