KAPLA - Big Box 200 Wooden Planks
KAPLA - Big Box 200 Wooden Planks
KAPLA - Big Box 200 Wooden Planks
KAPLA - Big Box 200 Wooden Planks

KAPLA - Big Box 200 Wooden Planks

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The ideal KAPLA planks starter set

KAPLA Big Box - 200 Wooden Planks

200 wooden KAPLA planks in a storage box. Includes instruction booklet for basic construction techniques.

KAPLA® is a natural construction game made up of identical pine planks. Due to their unique size, in the ratio of 1:3:5, KAPLA planks are an innovative building block, ideal for creating a wide variety of structures.

A block play classic for over 30 years, KAPLA® is simple and just requires a child’s imagination. No glue, no screws, no clips. Each plank is simply placed on top of another: gravity and balance alone hold the planks in place…

KAPLA®  introduces children to a world where art and science coexist beautifully. The game allows children to build, create and experiment using their own imagination. It stimulates creativity, encourages logical thinking, dexterity and concentration. 

This award-winning open-ended game provides endless possibilities. Hours of fun guaranteed, alone or together with friends and family !

KAPLA® is suitable for children aged 3+. Initially very simple and intuitive, KAPLA® adapts to every child’s creative ambition. As a result, educators use KAPLA® worldwide. Children learn every time they build and advance their technique by playing: creations become increasingly complex with time and experience… Everything is possible with KAPLA planks!


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